Water sports in Zeeland

Kitesurfing, water-skiing, surfing, skimboarding, stand-up paddle boarding and land sailing on a ‘Blokart’ land yacht: Zeeland has plenty of open water and beaches for fast and furious water sports, but if you are looking for something a little less daring, you could go sailing or cruising around Zeeland´s waterways on your (rented) motorboat.
There are so many beaches that you will always find one where the wind is blowing in the right direction for skimming and surfing the waves and if you would like to lean a few (new) tricks, you can take lessons at one of Zeeland’s many surfing schools.


What a kick! Feel the wind pull you across the water and do the greatest tricks on your board. Kite surfing  is permitted at the Brouwersdam, Neeltje Jans, Kamperland, Vrouwenpolder and Domburg. All the kitesurfing beaches have appropriate facilities and shops with equipment to rent or buy. If you can’t kitesurf yet, you can book lessons here too.

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There has been a big surfing scene in Zeeland for years. Veerse Meer Lake and Grevelingen Lake are popular surfing spots and all the beaches where you can find kitesurfers, are popular among surfers too thanks to the wind. Windsurfers can find the equipment they might need in the shops at any of the kitesurfing-friendly beaches, combined with all the facilities they could possibly need for a great (wind)surfing trip. Surfing is permitted on more of the region´s beaches than kitesurfing is.

List of surf schools


All of the waterways around Zeeland are excellent for exploring by boat. Whether you want to enjoy the kick of hanging off a catamaran for a whole day or you would prefer relaxing in luxury aboard your motor yacht, you’ll always find a stretch of water in Zeeland that’s made for you. Veerse Meer Lake and Grevelingen Lake are good for inexperienced sailors, while the North Sea, the Oosterschelde and Westerschelde estuaries are more suitable for the more experienced.

List of marinas and yacht hire

Big wave surfing

Just you, your board and the water; nothing else. If you’re looking for the best big wave surfing spots, you should try Domburg and Brouwersdam. The waves here are big, which is exactly what you need for a good day’s surfing. If you’d like to learn how to surf or rent equipment, the people at the surfing schools Golfsurfschool Surfkaravaan and Surfschool Domburg can help.

Water-skiing and wakeboarding

Water-skiing and wakeboarding are restricted to certain areas of Zeeland, but that doesn´t make them any less popular. There are two fast boat lanes marked out on the Veerse Meer Lake and Grevelingen Lake and water-skiing is also permitted in the marked area on the Noord-Volkerak and the Zoommeer lakes. In the Westerschelde estuary, you can go beyond the sailing channels and the nature areas. Even if you don’t have your own motorboat you can still skim across the water using the cable on the Veerse Meer Lake.

List of water-skiing and wakeboarding areas

Land sailing on a Blokart, surf-skating and kite buggying 

It feels like a water sport, but you’re more likely to swallow sand than water. Land sailing on a Blokart land yacht, surf-skating and kite buggying skim you over the sand on a little buggy using either a surf sail or a kite. So you can still enjoy the speed and the kick you get from water sports even in winter, and without getting wet! In Zeeland, these sports are practised near Brouwersdam. Surf Zeil- & Surfcentrum Brouwersdam (Brouwersdam Sailing and Surfing Centre) and Natural High can help you with more information.

Kayaking and canoeing

The many islands on the Veerse Meer Lake and Grevelingen Lake make them ideal for canoeing and kayaking trips. But paddling a seaworthy canoe along the North Sea coast is fantastic too. If you don’t have your own canoe or kayak, you can hire one from one of the many shops in the region.

List of places to rent kayaks and canoes in Zeeland