Flower dikes

Now here’s a pretty sight, mingled with delightful scents. The Borsele country park is host to 80 kilometres of flower dikes. Imagine a visit in spring: fragrant carpets of blossoming hawthorns, colourful grasses, gentle breezes and the chitterati of the meadow birds.

The dikes are a history lesson too, joining up polders and creeks in the endless to-and-fro of people and tides. Floods gave rise to new polders and networks of internal (‘binnen’) dikes. When a dike was breached, the incoming flood often scoured out large pot-holes which now host a calmer nature.

Walking trails and bike paths will bring you all over the Landschapspark. With a spring in your step and, you got it, a spring in your season. Blooming marvellous.