Veerse Meer

A busy place, this long lake. The water sport centre for Veere and all around: sailing, surfing, diving, waterskiing, canoeing and swimming, for a start. All great fun. The shallow banks of the lake make it a super place for families with children to enjoy.

In all, 17 islands dot the lake. Five are specially for birds, to rest, feed and breed. The Haringvreter island is named after the seals which used to come here, and gobble down herring. Now, 40,000 birds pass by. The other islands are partly accessible, with plat meadows and woods for walks. Great to go to one in your own board, with a day’s picnic supplies. And hang out.

Your own boat? Moor up in the town harbour, bang in the historic centre. Or go to the Marina Veere on the east of town. Other watery options are a guided boat trip all around the lake, passing by some splendid nature areas. And feast your eyes on other colours than green and blue as well: all the boats, yachts and wind surfers splashing around.