Delta Works

In the night of 31 January 1953, Zeeland was fatally struck by a surge tide and flood disaster in a north-westerly storm. Walcheren was for a large part spared from floods. It was to prevent another such disaster that the Delta Plan led to the Delta Works, implemented from 1958 onwards.

It foresaw the closure of large estuaries and sea waterways, including the Oosterschelde and Veerse Gat channel. This was closed in 1961 with the Veerse Gatdam. And so came the Veerse Meer, a slightly brackish lake, into being. The Oosterschelde barrier was closed in 1986.

The Veerse Gatdam has grown into a robust row of dunes. It is only from the perspective of a cyclist that you can see it is a dam, with water on either side. To all other eyes, it just appears to be a natural part of the landscape. It has become a popular place for water sport, walks and bike rides. And just lazing around. The sea shore is a splendid beach where, when the wind is up, the kite-surfers can do their thing.