Land van Saeftinghe

Do visit the largest brackish water wilderness of Europe – and remember it forever. Bring some wellies, though, and outfits that can a splash of muddiness. There is no way you will emerge clean and shiny from this sludgy mud-laced wonderland. After your walk here, you can happily scrub the grime off again at the Zeeuws Landschap visitor centre. Have a drink next at the village pub, go on, you deserve it!

The ‘drowned land of Saeftinghe’ (Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe) is a vast nature reserve, which knows no equal in Western Europe. Your senses are bound to notice right away: these 36 square kilometres of ancient land are powered by the tides. The influence of the sea and the nearby Schelde River are inescapable. History has made its mark here, too, there even used to be a castle.

To preserve nature, and for safety considerations besides, swathes of Saeftinghe are closed to the public. The high tide is quixotically quick coming in. The guides provided by the Zeeuwse Landschap are more than happy to take you on a trip through the land, however. They know every nook and cranny, and have plenty of tales up their sleeve.