Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe

The so-called drowned land of Saeftinghe is a unique experience and one of the greatest Dutch salt marsh areas. Vast expanses of nature are what sets Saeftinghe apart. Catch a glimpse of what ancient Zeeland looked like: a land traversed by small gullies, a land of mud flats, salt marshes and banks.

Marsh vegetation is shaped by the influence of briny water, the tidal pull. To the east, freshwater rules, as the fields of reeds prove. Saeftinghe is a bird haven, too. Thousands of coastal birds nest here. For migratory birds it is a welcome port of call, on their annual southbound journey. Others settle here, as winter falls.

Trekking across the Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe is bound to be rough, but worth every minute. For three hours, a highly experienced guide will take you across the area, over marshes and flats. Through one of the hundreds of gullies, which are flooded by the tide every time. On you go, jumping, sliding, slithering, catching your breath, enjoying every second it. Never forget this day, hey?