Noord-Beveland, Isle without End

Noord-Beveland, Isle without End

Isle without End. Many dikes and infinite waters stretch without end, all within reach and all so close by. Infinity cool.

From my work at VVV Kamperland I can cycle in just 15 minutes along the low inner dike to the higher outer dike at the Anne Friso camp site. Cycle a bit further, and you’ll cross the Oosterschelde to the storm barrier. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the waves on the way.

A bijou beach is tugging at me – it always does somehow. It’s on the small side, but it’s nice and clean. Early in the spring, you’ll rarely see anyone else there. The tide has been having a tidy-up: all the washed-up seaweed, shells and bits of driftwood are now in a long line, just waiting for the secret beachcomber that I am. Fingers crossed, maybe I’ll find a real gem!

Next I walk over the dike to the East, passing an old sea defence with long wave-breaking rows of thick poles (groynes). They’re waiting to have their picture taken (again). The tide is out so I walk along the long pier of basalt rocks. They’re covered with thick oysters clinging to the rough grey surface, hoping to find some shadow and avoid the heat.

There’s a grassy area below the sea dike where there used to be a boathouse. Now there’s a sturdy wooden shelter where a clutch of cyclists are having a bit of a breather out of the wind – and taking in the glorious view. Time to move on. I walk back to my bike at the foot of the dike stairs, opposite the Brasserie De Strandhoek. The terrace sofas invite me to stay a while. I shall, so I can take in what’s going on landside.

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