Wemeldinge, Pearl on the Oosterschelde estuary

The village of Wemeldinge is one of the oldest – and most beautiful as far as I'm concerned - in Zuid-Beveland, as is the church, the Maartenskerk.  I don't know any other village which shows the developments through the centuries so well. You literally walk or cycle along a timeline, from 1000 to the present day.

The combination of the Zeeland polder, historic village centres and beaches on the estuary make Wemeldinge special. So too does its evolution from farming village to inland shipping port to popular bathing resort today. It is this unusual mix that makes Wemeldinge rather unique. Another important point is that you have lots of space here, it's not crowded with tourists like the tips of the Zeeland islands.

As former mayor, I regularly came to Wemeldinge for work reasons, but I could also be found lying on one of its three beaches from time to time. I have sailed on the Oosterschelde and with family and friends collected quite a few oysters from the bottom of the dike. And for several years I have been leading tourists and residents around Wemeldinge in person. Each time people are amazed about how much there is to see if you know where to look.

In my opinion, there are three typical features of Wemeldinge. Its location next to the Oosterschelde national park with three beaches and a marina in the old sluice complex. The splendid ancient village centre stretching from the Maartenskerk to the end of the Dorpsstraat. And the Beveland landscape full of orchards, meadows, and fields, with a dike on the horizon in every direction.

Wemeldinge is for me a pearl on the Oosterschelde, with quiet and space, heritage and beach fun, cafes and restaurants and accommodation possibilities galore, all housed on just over one square kilometre. Where else can you find that? In Wemeldinge!

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