Zeeland according to Edwin Mijnsbergen

I am Edwin Mijnsbergen, blogger, publicist and editor-in-chief of ‘Wij zijn de stad’ [We are the city]. I am a true Zeelander, born in Vlissingen, and living in Middelburg since 1978. That is my home.

When I think of Zeeland, my mind turns to small scale, but in the most positive sense of the term. Zeeland is a group of islands, panoramic and spacious. Even the towns feel like villages. Add in the sea and Zeeland is a place where you have peace and quiet and lots of space.

You'll notice that when cycling through the polders of Walcheren or Zuid-Beveland. And through villages where nothing is happening. The myth about the people from Zeeland is that they are so stiff. But I think you'll discover there that this is not really true. 

The water catchment area near Oranjezon is a great place to walk. I often stay at Walcheren, but recently I spent a weekend in Slot Moermond on Schouwen-Duiveland. The region around Renesse and Slot Moermond is stunning. Especially in the early spring, it is delightfully quiet. But there are also places like Terhole and Paal in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Or the Drowned Land of Saeftinghe.

And once you are in Zeeland, you must visit Middelburg at very least. It's best on a market day. Many visitors are surprised by the town's rich history and its multitude of monuments. Especially within the ramparts, many traces of the past can be found. There are small alleyways and pretty facades. And naturally, the imposing buildings of the Abdij and the Lange Jan.

I almost forgot: one of the loveliest spots is the Middelburg Bulwark. You can spend an hour walking along it, viewing windmills and nature along the way. The view is great. You pass by the town gates like the Koepoort.

Many fun events take place in the town like the Night of the Night, the Culikaravaan [foodtruck festival] and the mussel feasts. This year, Middelburg celebrates 800 years of having a town charter. The celebration is called Middelburg800, with great shows and other fun events. And while you're there having fun, add to your pleasure by staying in one of the many B&B’s in town,  or in one of the hotels in the centre.

On the ‘Wij zijn de stad’ website, you can read stories about the people of Middelburg and their town. It also has links to activities and events in town. 

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