Zeeland binge guide

Please settle into your seats and do some serious binge-watching online. 

You know you like Zeeland. Well, so do our film and TV producers. Of late, they’ve made some very handy films and series and what a great time it is now to take a better look! What, you could well say, what a splendid view. Here’s some tips.

Love a mussel (l’Amour des Moules)

Mussels and Zeeland go, errrm, shell in shell. This loving documentary reminds us how tasty they can be, and pays a captivating but initimate hommage. Its life-cycle is explained, how it clings on, how the storm sweeps it loose. The underwater shots are stupendous and – good for your Zeeuws – the words of their stewards and gourmands very revealing. A special creature, in a special film.

Location highlight: terrace upon café terrace of mussel lovers, and a palette of scenes of the Oosterschelde estuary

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Edgy people (Grenslanders)

This shudderingly gripping  thriller series takes place in the border region between Zeeuws-Flanders and Belgium. A woman of African origin is found, in a confused state, in the polders there, and the Rotterdam detective Tara Dessel and Bert Dewulf, an Antwerp psychiatrist, have to work out her background. They discover that the area, and its people, have more secrets and traditions than imagined.

Location highlight: a superb way to visit the region, especially from the aerial shots. Includes much of the drowned land of Saeftinghe (verdronken land). In Dutch, but the optics are cool. 

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Michiel de Ruyter

The film of our greatest-ever naval hero came centuries later, but it’s as if the character Michiel de Ruyter, a swashbuckling man of letters and science, was just made for the part. Excitement, passion, adventure, intrigue and a good handful of epic sea battles. A winner. When de Ruyter succeeded Maarten Tromp as Admiral of the Dutch Fleet (of the Republic of the Seven United States of the Netherlands, no less), he took the helm of the flagship ‘Zeven Provinciën’. And dealt a winning blow on the English, and won a place in our folklore.

Location highlight: the ancient quays of Veere harbour, the Abbey Square of Middelburg and a great many listed buildings and monuments in heartthrob Zierikzee.

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Sergio Herman – Fucking Perfect

A masterpiece of a high-end documentary about how a local lad grew from a kitchen skivvy to a multi-star multi-restaurateur (and a suave chippy). And, in 2015, was embarking on yet more. For ever a perfectionist with a human face. The soundtrack language (Dutch) of Sergio Herman is sometimes as raw and salty as the food he sources and the dishes he recreates (the DVD version has EN sub-titles) but even that is part of the all-round charm of the boy. A window on why Zeeland is a much-coveted gastronome’s mecca, and on its produce. Bon appétit! A sit-down meal, at 1’17”.

Location highlight: the Cadzand area (swish), and the shores (muddy) of the Westerschelde estuary where he hand-picks his plants.

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Get away gotta go gotta get away go go go

Time for a good ol’ romantic comedy, would you reckon? In ‘Weg van jou’ – a word play on ‘away from you’ and ‘you swept me off my feet’ – the young and ambitious Evi thinks she’s being promoted to a job in Rio. And arrives in Zeeuws-Flanders. What happens next, and whether or not she meets a nice young man, you’ll find out when you watch the movie. From your home cinema, with a vatful of popcorn. Enjoy your evening!

Location highlight: a boat trip out on the Westerschelde estuary where the heroes (yep, plural) are heading to see the seals.

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