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Bike friendly cafés in Zeeland

When you’re out on your bike and you suddenly ‘hit the wall’, or get the ‘bonk’ (non-bikers call this hunger pangs), get some food inside you quickly. A snack. Or maybe you’re in for a lavish lunch? Or you need some facilities? This is when a bike café fits the bill. We call them ‘fietscafés’. They come in all shapes and sizes, from a ‘grand café’ to a modest coffee shop. Great for a short break, or as the starting point of your trip.

Wall sign

A bike café always has a visible special wall sign, and is always located on the bike route, or very close by. The bike hub system displays the location of all bike cafés. In Zeeland, they are all certified with the national ‘Fietsers Welkom’ label, issued by the national Fietsplatform, a partner of VVV Zeeland.

Opening times

Bike cafés are open most days. In school holidays, and from May through September, they’re open at least five days a week. The generally long opening times allow you to be out cycling all day, and take a break. They’re open for a sanitary stop, and you can freshen up without needing to buy anything. Filling your water bidon is free too.

Charging and repairs

Maybe you’re not the only one needing to top up the batteries. You can recharge your e-bike at a bike café. Plug in the charger, and put your feet up. Groups are welcome too – there’s more than enough space. Had a little breakdown? The café has got a first-aid box, and a bike repair kit. And if the mechanicals are serious, the nice café people will point you towards the nearest bike shop.

Route maps

You can buy route maps in any bike café and get information about the surrounding area. All bike cafés in Zeeland are located on bike routes marked out across the province. They’re also marked on the maps. That gives you loads of choice for a day’s cycling.

5-star bike province

The national bike platform judged us in May 2017 to be a 5-star bike province. There’s no higher award. Key factors were the overall quality of the bike hub system, network maintenance and the (many) bike cafés en route. The Zeeland Routebureau is always enhancing the system. Just so you can get the best cycling in the Land-On-Sea.

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Eetcafé De Vismijn

  • restaurant
  • hospitality
  • colijnsplaat

Brasserie Vrijburgbad (fietscafé)

  • restaurant
  • hospitality
  • vlissingen

Brasserie Rijk der Vitaminen

  • restaurant
  • hospitality
  • oud-vossemeer

Eet en Knipcafé de Barbier

  • going out
  • hospitality
  • ouwerkerk
from 4.75

Groede Podium

  • attraction
  • day out
  • groede

Resort Land & Zee

  • hotel
  • overnight stay
  • scharendijke

Restaurant Asmara

  • restaurant
  • hospitality
  • burgh-haamstede

Lunchroom Hotel Bru

  • restaurant
  • hospitality
  • bruinisse

Café De Gekroonde Suikerbiet

  • restaurant
  • hospitality
  • zierikzee
from 4.00

B&B de Letter Asperges & Zo

  • bed-and-breakfast
  • hotel
  • overnight stay
  • koewacht
from 39.00

Restaurant De Boekanier

  • restaurant
  • hospitality
  • vrouwenpolder

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