Carry your ZeelandPas at all times

Zeeland – Land of the Blink. If you blink quickly, you’ll see something different. It’s to be expected in an archipelago, divided by deep estuaries, unified by a provincial DNA. One of our binding strengths is the ZeelandPas. This card – essentially a membership card of Zeeland – literally opens dozens of dozens of doors, from unique activities in up-country areas to the wealth of our local cuisine.

Your ZeelandPas – it’s naturally available to vacationing visitors too – ensures you have special discounts throughout Zeeland on all sorts of activities. Culinary, cultural, wellness, in shopping and more. For young and old, whether you’re touching base with the farmers or you just want some peace and quiet or a jam-packed suite of festivals, your ZeelandPas is a key.


Free Pilates lessons, or free guided strolls around some lovely compact towns in Zeeland. Or discounts on trips to attractions, on SUP walk-on-the-water outings, on museum entrance, shop-til-you-drop days, or take your pick of the extensive menus of many restaurants.

The ZeelandPas gives you discounts up to 100% from traders and suppliers. Have you found deals to write home about, and to write to us about? Tell us at

1 ZeelandPas = € 4 for 365 days

A year’s use of the ZeelandPas will cost € 4 per person and more than € 500 in benefits!

On top of that, there’s loads of free stuff too:

  • Select a town walking tour, and go along for free;
  • Free walking and bike routes;
  • Culinary specialties, for free;
  • Free entrance to various museums;
  • Yoga lessons for free, or a fitness check with nutrition advice, or access to selected (indoor) playgrounds;
  • Free travel on the summertime Somers’s on Zuid-Beveland.


Several regions in Zeeland include transport options among the benefits of the ZeelandPas, such as free use of the hop-on/hop-off bus on Zuid-Beveland. Another is a year-round discount on the Westerschelde Ferry, which runs the pedestrian-only (and cyclists) service between Vlissingen and Breskens. You also get a discount on the Hulst Zonnetrein, a summer-only tractor-pulled set of comfy covered carts through the ancient town. Finally, if you’re lodging at a registered member of the Schouwen-DuivelandPas, the island’s cute sightseeing bus is all yours.
Up-to-date transport information at


Your ZeelandPas is personal and non-transferable. Valid from 1 March 2017 to 28 February 2018. Children two years old and over, and all adults, need their own card to get the benefits. You must complete all details on the deals. Authorised staff can check its validity.

Purchase points

You can buy your ZeelandPas at any VVV Inspiration Point, and at designated accommodation, supermarkets and bookshops.
For a list of all points-of-sale, visit
You can also buy it online from the web shop.


Your card retailer can help you. Look also at Otherwise, and for queries about its use, or possible loss, contact the help hotline +31 118-581342.

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