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The cookies we use on this site are:

1) Cookies that ensure that websites function properly, for example:
- To remember products you add to your shopping cart during online shopping
- To remember information you fill in on the pages during checkout or ordering so that you do not have to fill in all your data each time.
- To read your browser settings so that our website will be properly displayed on your screen
- To display map information so you can search for, for example, attractions or restaurants on the map
- To view videos on this site 

2) Cookies that ensure that the content of our websites can be shared through social media:
To enable the use of social media buttons we use social media cookies from social media parties such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. For example, to share pages. For the cookies that the social media sites place and the data they collect with it, please refer to the relevant statements by these parties on their own websites.

3) Cookies that help us understand user behaviour on the websites:
We also use cookies to collect statistics about the use of our website(s), for example, visitor numbers, popular pages and topics. This will enable us to improve the way in which the website(s) respond to the needs of our visitors.

Please note: the use of cookies is safe. Cookies cannot be used to obtain personal information, such as your phone number or email address. Cookies can therefore not be used for email and telemarketing actions.

If you do not want to receive cookies at all, you can customize your internet browser settings to block cookies.


Naam script/cookie Techniek  Domein Beschrijving doel
SRV Cookie Sticky loadbalancing
_iqnomyfid Cookie  Limit traffic
_iqnomyprid Cookie Profile ID
ASP.NET_SessionId  Cookie Session cookie
XSRF-V Cookie Cross Site Request Forgery value (security)
_ga Cookie Google Analytics
basketid Cookie Shoppingbasket
cookie-consent Cookie Cookie registration
favoritesCookie Cookie Cookie with favorites (not logged in)
viewedProductsList Cookie Viewed products webshop
Kanaal-ID Cookie Google Anaytics
_gat_UA-4520394-1 Cookie Google Tag manager
Hotjar, _hjUserId Cookie Hotjar
__cfduid Cookie Cloudflare id
AWSELB Cookie Load balancer id