Nature area

De Poel

De Poel consists of the Ganzengebied (mostly pastures) and the Heggengebied (dikes). The blooming hawthorn create a sea of white flowers in spring. The thorny bushes were formerly used together with the burr as natural Veeke ring. The natural monuments also consider the preservation and restoration of the hedges. They are part of the landscape and provide shelter and food. Countless birds feed off the red hawthorn berries in winter. In spring the garden warbler, linnet, mockingbird and Dunnock breed in these bushes.

De Poel area is perfect for walking or cycling. In taking a walk you will have excellent views of the countryside and the village of Nisse. 

In the grassland area of the Ganzengebied, the godwit, lapwing, redshank and oystercatcher are nesting. In the future the Nature Reserve here will have a higher water level. Thus the conditions for meadow birds will be even better. And that is surely needed. Because the number of meadow birds has decreased in recent years.

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