Your best eats at the beach

eating mussels at the beach

Your best eats at the beach

There’s something very special about eating at the beach. The pace, the place, the grace. Atop of the dunes, in a dip in the dunes, or right next to the water. The briny air tickles your nostrils – and your appetite. Go on, fill a basket with bread rolls, salads, fresh fruit juice. Stock up at a farm shop. And when you’re chosen your picnic spot, oh, won’t you stay just a little bit longer? Time for the view, time for each other.

Try the delightful Brouwersdam. A real surfer’s hotspot. Watch those kite surfers fly high in the sky, above the waves. Should there be a speed limit? No time to get bored, but take your time, linger over your food. Ouddorp has 16 beach access points over the dunes for walkers, cyclists. Some lead to a beach pavilion. If you want someone to cook for you, this is the time.

Beach paviljoen

On Schouwen-Duiveland, beach pavilions queue up to serve you, each more appealing than the other. At the headland point on Westenschouwen, you can reach the Noordzeestrand by stairs. From high up on the dunes, a stunning view over the North Sea beckons you. On your left, the Oosterschelde barrier glistens in the sun. Walk on two hundred metres further towards Renesse and you’ll find calm and space, even in the high season. 

If you take the Oosterschelde barrier south to Noord-Beveland, do visit the beach at Banjaardstrand. There’s a regal selection of beach pavilions, and a fantastic view of the barrier and the North Sea. The place has a nice no-nonsense feel. Respect, people. A wonderful place for a bite and a drink.

Cycling lighthouse Westkapelle

Ah, so you brought some rolls, and a bottle of wine. Fair enough. Do this on the Westkappelse Zeedijk, a special place, up on d’n diek. Get some lekker things in nearby Westkapelle. Another striking view is from the recreation beach in the centre of Vlissingen, with the spectacle of big ocean-going ships gliding smoothly past. Maybe you should glide onto a terrace? On the beach, or up on the Boulevard?

Zeeland coast

On the coast of Zeeland-Flanders, the broad beaches blend into rolling dunes. Find a bench to sit and take in the sea view. The beach pavilions can offer you some very decent dishes. Or how about an afternoon at sort of the outdoor theatre? Take the Panoramaweg on the sea-side of the dike along the Westerschelde estuary at Groede and Breskens. This is the balcony, the North Sea is the stage. You’ll find the way using the black-and-white lighthouse at Breskens (at Nieuwe-Sluis) as your beacon. Choose one of the parking places, and welcome to your drive-in outdoor theatre. The players in today’s matinée performance are the sea, the beach and the passing ships. Let the play begin!

Over at Oosterscheldedijk, south of St. Maartensdijk, the beach at Gorishoek has a special appeal. Not a single beach pavilion, just calm and lots of space. Maybe you’ve brought some food with you? If not, try a restaurant over on the beautiful island of Tholen.

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