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Eating out with the kids

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A few ideas

Cheeks all rosy-red with pleasure. Radiant eyes. Ear-to-ear smiles. Enjoying is what we do together, right? In Zeeland, kid-friendly restaurants are second nature, where everyone eats together. Often with play spaces and kids’ menus.

Play areas
Some restaurants just know how to combine fun for kids with a family meal. Separate, but joined-up play facilities and food. Play spaces indoors and out, a children’s farm, a midget golf course. So when they can leave the table, they have a choice.

Pancakes like windmills
Just about every child loves pancakes, and their baby poffertjes. Freshly cooked, yummy! Served at a pancake windmill, even better. Kids can see how the local pancake flour is milled, which makes the food taste even nicer. With a topping of syrup, sugar or Zeeland bacon. Lekker!

Eating at the beach is a party. The sand pit stretches as far as the eye can see. What’s better than playing, eating and having fun? Kids are more than welcome at most beach pavilions, with smashing menus for the very young, quite young and young-at-heart. First, rub the sand off those hands.

Large attractions typically have fun food outlets. Deltapark at Neeltje Jans, Water Jump at the Brouwersdam, Mini Mundi in Middelburg, Berkenhof’s Zoo in Kwadendamme, De Uithaven in Kamperland en Het Arsenaal in Vlissingen all have family restaurants.

You will be taking your kids to harbours like Breskens, Yerseke, Colijnsplaat and Stellendam, won’t you? What cooler way to introduce them to some great fresh seafood? A helping of warm fried fish chunks (kibbeling). Fresh fried battered flat fish (lekkerbekje). Finger food supreme. Not to missed, not even by kids. Do you have a budding pilot with you? Go to the Midden-Zeeland airfield. The meals at the restaurant are mouth-watering for kids. Out on the terrace they can almost touch the planes. And let that young captain take a spin in the flight simulator, errr, we mean toy airplane. Blocks away, cap’n!

Wok and buffet
Two other ways of eating out which kids just love are wok cooking, and buffets. They can pick their favourites! That ice cream cone looks rather full, eh, my child? Oh, go on. Just one more. We are on holiday!

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