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In het licht van Toorop en Mondriaan


Domburg is one of the oldest towns in Walcheren and the oldest bathing area in Zeeland.
Bathing places seem to attract artists. In Domburg the attraction was even more so because of the untouched beauty of the area, the special light fall along the coast and the reflection of it over the land of Walcheren. The changeable dune landscape, the always different looking sea and the old forests that surround Domburg and Oostkapelle, have inspired painter, poetics, composers and writers.

The culture historical route ”In het licht van Toorop en Mondriaan” is all about the artists who brought fame to Domburg. The guide will take you to places which inspired them, show you the development of the bathing areas, the interaction between the surroundings and people, leads you past houses where they worked and lived and past the buildings where they used to meet. You keep finding yourself in the past, again and again facets of the past intertwine with the facets of now.

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