Brouwersdam concert at the Sea

The Dam Quiz

If you are in and around the areas known as Kabbelaarsbank and the sand flats of Brouwersdam, you might spot the odd, random Qr-code on a boulder, on a pole outside the public toilets or in the middle of a road. Well these Qr-codes have in fact been put there on purpose, as part of the so-called Dam Quiz (Het Damspel).

The Dam Quiz is a challenging and fun way of exploring the area and finding out everything there is to know about Brouwersdam. All you need is a smartphone with a QR-reader. You can play the game by scanning the QR-codes that have been put up all around the Kabbelaarsbank area, and you can play it in teams or on your own. The aim of the game is to see who knows the most about Brouwersdam. 

How does it work?

Whichever route you end up taking on the quiz, it will always lead you back to the start. After scanning a Qr-code, you will be given questions about the Brouwersdam, the surrounding area and about natural history. If you answer them correctly, you will be given clues to help you get to the next Qr-code as quickly as possible, and so on. Should you get the question wrong, you may find yourselves heading in the wrong direction!

The fastest time, wins!

The aim of the game is to explore the area of the Kabbelaarsbank on foot, and with friends. There are a lot of Qr-codes scattered around the area; in the woods for example, the dunes and one the beach. The idea is that the first person or team to the finish line, wins.

On your marks?

The quiz starts at the Middelplaat on the Kabbelaarsbank dike in Ouddorp. You can park at Zeil & Surfcentrum Brouwersdam (Brouwersdam Sailing and Surfing Centre), where you will also find an information board with directions to the start.

Good luck!