Sommelsdijk mill


The village Sommelsdijk on Goeree-Overflakkee is the ‘twin’ of next-door Middelharnis. They’ve grown together into a ‘twin village’. Given their firmly distinct characters, they’re seen as fraternal twins. It was earlier called Sonnemaresdijk, being the dike of the Sunnonmeriland, which meant ‘the area of land to the South of the sea’. Which was the Land van Voorne.
Since time immemorial, it has focused on farming, whereas over in twin Middelharnis fishing has been the core activity.

Middelharnis Ring.1

At one time, the largest church on the whole island of Goeree-Overflakkee stood in the Ring in Sommelsdijk. It has surrendered much of its former grandeur to the passage of time with fires and various destructions. All the same, it is imposing enough on the Ring and the church community is a strong player in the village.



To fully grasp the heart and soul (and culture and legacy) of Goeree-Overflakkee, the local Streekmuseum is the place to go. It encompasses seven adjacent gabled houses on the Kerkstraat. In the Flakkeese living room, you’re taken back a hundred years to more formal times. Up in the beamed attic, the crafts of yesteryear with which people made their living are lovingly explained. The relationship with water, and the twists and turns of island social life are on display too. Groups can arrange to visit the Streekmuseum outside normal working hours.


Sommelsdijk mill

Aloft but not aloof on the Westdijk dike stands the round, brick tower mill De Korenbloem, a stellingmolen. It has been in operation since 1705; these days it mills cereals. You can visit when it’s working, and by appointment.

Sommelsdijk regularly hosts events in and around the village. Check out what’s happening in the Events Calendar.

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