Small is beautiful, and smallest is cute too . That’s Geersdijk, the smallest but not the youngest village on Noord-Beveland. A glorious setting and an intimacy that comes from being compact, make it a destination of choice for lovers of peace, quiet and nature. A suite of mini-campsites meets their needs. Ages ago, Geersdijk was located elsewhere, only to be washed away in the Noord-Beveland floods of 1532. It took a century and a half to be built up on its present site.

Geersdijk port

In the 18th century a small harbour opened for loading farm produce, and for the ferry over to Zuid-Beveland, but that closed in 1850. Slowly, the harbour fell into disuse and nowadays it serves merely as a port of refuge.

Shop at Geersdijk

Down in the village, time has stood still in one cornucopian shop. Just like it was in your great-granny’s day, it’s crammed with real Old Hollands sweets and treats, tea, coffee, wine and more. Have a bite of memory.

 T'Hof Geersdijk

Just a few steps away – or skips and jumps while sucking on a lollipop – a grand old farmhouse has been lovingly restored. The gallery inside hosts a range of modern art exhibitions. Outside, a raft of sculptures and a delightful tea garden.

Christmas market Geersdijk

Compact makes close, and the villagers often team up to organise small cosy events. They’re listed in the Geersdijk part of our Events Calendar.