Kats church


The small village of Kats lies on the south-eastern point of Noord-Beveland island. Many artists have settled here, drawn by the calm and inspiration which it exudes. As early as the 13th century, a settlement stood here, by name of Suburchdike. It sank without trace in some heavy floods, to be replaced by the present Kats (Catz).

Kats church

One of the first large buildings, a windmill, was lost in a fire in 1922. The characteristic Katse Kerk, built in 1687 is still used for church services, as well as wedding ceremonies, concerts and exhibitions.

Down in the village centre, next to the old smithy stands a shoeing stall, a pen where a horse was held while the smith re-shod its hooves.

Aerial view Marina Kats

Artists just love the Kats life, not just for the calm and creative stimulus. It’s a laidback and tolerant place, a close-knit community. It has a thriving scene of local groups, surprisingly rich for a population of not even 400 souls. You’ll always find an exhibition somewhere in the village, often in a artist’s home, in their workshop or even in their parlour. Cosy.

Crane former Kats working port

A very different aspect of local scenery, visible from afar, are the mobile cranes in the service harbour. These were installed for assembling parts for the Zeelandbrug bridge. They are still used today, albeit less intensively. Next to that harbour lies Kats marina, popular amongst sailors and surfers heading for the Oosterschelde estuary or the Veerse Meer.

Rose Garden Kats

A stone’s throw away from the village is the nursery known as the Zeeuwse Rozentuin (rose garden). Spread out over five hectares, it has the country’s largest collection of roses and the clematis family. The grounds are regularly used for other events, notably a three-day fair. Check Events Calendar for ore details and tips about other events in and around Kats.