Plompe tower Burghsluis cyclists


The main claim to fame of the hamlet of Burghsluis on the Kop van Schouwen headland is its harbour. It’s very popular among water sport lovers.

Burghsluis port

The sluice which became Burghsluis was originally built to channel excess rain water from the Burgh en Westland polder into the Oosterschelde estuary. Slowly, a village, mainly occupied in fishing, grew and made its harbour. That was enlarged in 1865. The 1953 Flood disaster reaped death and destruction here: 10 souls perished, and the dike was breached.

Storm surge barrier in Burghsluis

The Delta Works

To accommodate equipment for the Delta Works, the harbour was expanded further, to 4 hectares. Leisure boats are now the core business. The harbour master has his office in the old lantern room of the Haamstede lighthouse.

Burghsluis tower

Plompe Toren

Just up the dike from Burghsluis the Plompe Toren tower invites you up for a climb. It’s all that remains of the sunken village of Koudekerke, drowned at the end of 16th century. On the way to the tower, you’ll cross the nature area of the Koudekerke inlays.