sunset on the beach of Ellemeet


The village of Ellemeet on the former Schouwen island huddles behind the dunes of the Brouwersdam. Today, it is mainly holiday homes and parks.

It has a bit of a name as a walking village, on the move. Earlier, it was on the Hoge Weg (highway). Fleeing from the nuisances of water and war, the inhabitants resettled on the Kuyersdam.

The former cemetery is a monument of cultural history. It was used until the 18th century. Today, the village has no church. It was destroyed in the siege of Zierikzee in 1575 and never rebuilt.


The village mill still stands on the outskirts. Atop it, a wind vane in the form of a hart, or deer, lends its name to the building: ‘t Hert van Oostermolen. Built in 1748, it stayed a full-time working corn mill until 1996. You can visit it when you see it working (occasionally) or by arrangement.



't Hert/Oostermolen

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Mill in Ellemeet

One claim to fame came when, on 28 August 1925, a stone meteorite landed with a big bang in a field in the low-lying Prunjebevang area. The rock, some 10 cm in diameter, and thought to come from the Vesta asteroid, had an impact of half a metre deep.


Strao in Ellemeet

Every year, on the first Saturday in March, the Ellemeet Strao horse gymkhana is held. After a busy day, its many visitors gather in the village hall for quite a party. More details on this and other events in Ellemeet are on the Events Calendar.

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