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The village of Dishoek sits behind the high dunes of the Walcheren coast. Nestled between Vlissingen and Zoutelande, it is mostly inhabited by tourists and temporary residents.

Dishoek gets its name from the fact that it sits near a sea dike. The name comes from the word dijkhoek, which means dike corner. That sea dike has since disappeared, but its remains can still be seen during storms, when sand washes away from the beach.

The village was founded at the end of the 13th century as a lookout point for the town of Vlissingen. Dishoek became safer after guardhouses were built, and more people came to live here.

After the First World War, Dishoek developed into a recreational area. The bicycle path De Vroonslag was created in 1920, and enterprising locals began selling refreshments to passing tourists. The first bicycle parking sheds were also built in the village.

Around that same time, the first refreshment stand was built on the beach. It was the forerunner of the Piet Hein beach pavilion that stands there today. Pension Westduinen was opened ten years later and is now Hotel Westduin.

One of Zeeland’s first bungalow parks was built in Dishoek: Het Vebenabos. A popular destination since 1949, holidaymakers come here to enjoy the feeling of staying in the woods right next to the beach.

Tourism remains the village’s main source of income. Visitors enjoy the many camp sites and bungalows in the area, and Dishoek lies on the main road between the seaside towns Vlissingen and Zoutelande. You can walk to them both on a picturesque path over the dunes behind Dishoek.

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