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Serooskerke, also known as Stroskerke or Seros, is a typical Walcheren village: a church with a square, some new buildings and surrounding farms. It lies along the N57 expressway between the Oosterscheldekering dam and Middelburg. The village was first mentioned in the 12th century, and a monastery stood there in the Middle Ages.

Serooskerke gained national fame in 1966, when a farmhand digging in a leek field found a gold coin. More than 1,000 were subsequently found, and the rest is history. The 16th- and 17th-century coins were worth more than €340,000. The municipality claimed half and built De Goudvijver (Golden Pond) swimming pool for the village.

The village church, the Johanneskerk, was built in the 15th century. It was largely rebuilt in the 17th century, which explains the windows of various sizes. The distinctive church tower looms over the village.

Visit the de Jonge Johannes windmill, along the N57 road. This eight-sided wooden mill dates from 1835. Grain is still sometimes milled here on a volunteer basis, but it is mainly an eye-catcher for the adjacent restaurant, play area and petting zoo. A child’s wonderland.

Serooskerke has all kinds of annual events. One of these is ring riding, in which a rider on an unsaddled galloping horse tries to put a lance through a ring. Check out our event calendar to learn what’s happening now in Serooskerke.

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