The coastal town of Vlissingen

Vlissingen, a town with a maritime past and present, lies on the banks of the Westerschelde estuary. We can recommend visiting Vlissingen to blow away the cobwebs as you walk along the Netherlands’ longest promenade. You can almost touch the ships as they sail by!

There’s plenty to see on the promenade. On one side of the promenade you’ll come face to face with the seafaring hero, Michiel de Ruijter, while on the other you'll hear the sound of the Aeolian harp. In the middle, outdoor cafés, hotels and restaurants give you a chance to relax.

A visit to the MuZEEum (MuSEAum) is to be recommended as a great way of getting to know Vlissingen and Zeeland´s maritime history. The MuZEEum is housed in the Lampsinshuis, a unique building that was once a family home with its very own watchtower. This is where the ship owner Cornelis Lampsins watched his ships come and go in the 17th century. Now you can still enjoy the magnificent view across the sea.

For another good view across the sea we can recommend the crow’s nest at the Arsenaal, a maritime attraction centre that´s you´ll want to take the kids to. The dominant theme is pirates and sea creatures! Ideal for a family day out.

The longest bench

The longest bench can be found on the Boulevard de Ruyter pitchings (slope between the promenade wall and the shore), between the prison tower and the statue of Frans Naerebout. This 122-metre stainless steel bench is sponsored by local businesses and private individuals, who have been allowed to engrave their own text on their ‘own metre’. There is a magnificent view from the longest bench over the Westerschelde estuary and is a great place to watch the ships sailing by.

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