Schoondijke belongs to Zeeland-Flanders, a old-fashioned real rural village in a spot where several roads meet, leading to fishing village Breskens, for one.
Older incarnations of the village – the present one dates from 1651 – were Sconendica or Oud-Schoondijke, were in a slightly different spot and wiped away by military floodings.


A Zeeuws workhorse, a statue, stands proud on the village square (Dorpsplein), a sturdy symbol of the deep agricultural identity. Philip ten Klooster sculpted it, and other important pieces of his are dotted all over Zeeland.

Photo: René & Peter van der Krogt,

Mill Schoondijke

The Hulster mill, a so-called mound (and mounted) windmill, is originally from 1884 and had to be rebuilt after a fire in 1900. It is still milling away, open for visits on Saturdays with a shop selling regional foods beneath it.

agricultural day in Schoondijke

Schoondijke hosts an annual festival (‘Moaneblussersfeesten’) and an Agriculture Day, hugely popular for people from all over. Expect to be entertained by music, tractors – even a tractor race – and more. Come, join the fun! Check out our events calendar for other events in Schoondijke.