Sint Anna ter Muiden

Sint Anna ter Muiden

Sint Anna ter Muiden has a special reputation within Zeeland-Flanders, rightly so. With its population of 50, it is one of the smallest towns in the country, and its peaceful rural heart forms one of Zeeland’s protected city-and-village skylines. In the 13th century, Sint Anna ter Muiden received its town charter, after all, it was a key Medieval trading town, one of the entry harbours of Bruges. When the harbour silted up in the 14th century, the town fell into ruin, with nearby Sluis quickly grabbing the wealth instead.

Church in Sint Anna ter muiden

The 1653 Dutch Reformed church is one of the main monuments here. Its sturdy square tower gazes down on the other buildings, reminding one and all how big the cruciform Gothic church must have been. The interior of the church dates, largely, from the 1600s.
The town hall is another brilliant building in Sint Anna ter Muiden, built in 1655 and with a typical tiny bell tower at its centre.

Marktplein St. Anna ter Muiden

The village square, including its Louis XVI water pump, evokes times gone by. If you feel like a trip through the ages, take the VVV-Route The Secrets of Sluis and Anna ter Muiden, past all the historical buildings of the two towns. It is available from one of the VVV Inspiration points, and from the web store.