Church in Sint-Kruis

Sint Kruis

Zeeland-Flanders has plenty of picture-perfect little villages and Sint Kruis is no exception. It is just one of the charming small-is-beautiful spots in the borderland. Founded by monks in the 12th century, Sint Kruis would later be flooded many a time, both by forces of nature and military inundations. It was not until after the Eighty Years’ War that Sint Kruis became a village in its own right.

Church in Sint-Kruis

The Reformed Church in Sint Kruis dates back to the 14th century, with a tumultuous history full of collapse, damages and restoration. This cruciform house of worship boasts a headstone from 1472, and an intriguing stump of a church tower. The local name for it: De Peperbusse, or ‘pepper mill’ – you’ll see why!

Krulbollen, akin to curling, is a popular pastime in Zeeland-Flanders. This old folk activity involves tossing a large ball-like disk (bol) as near as possible to a stake. It’s played on ‘bol-banen’ (‘tracks’); Sint Kruis has a classy one. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a krulbol club engaging in their favourite pursuit! Looks like hoiking, but it is very refined.

fun fair in sint cross

The fair is just one annual event here. Find out more of what’s on in and near Sint Kruis in our events calendar.