Westdorpe is located in Zeeland-Flanders and is – a so-called ribbon village – one of the longest villages in the whole country. The village also boasts that it is the warmest one too. Similar to Zuiddorpe, the village takes its name from its relation to Axel town. There are mentions of the village in the 13th century, though it was in a slightly different spot at that time.

Farming has ever been the source of prosperity, here, as were several breweries in the area. The Van Waes Boodts brewery is still the most notorious, though it closed up shop in 1964. You can still see the brewery’s façade and cooling tower, on the Graafjansdijk.

Westdorpe loves heralding its warmth, apparently the hottest sweet spot in the Netherlands. The local weather station is often among the first to record high temperatures. The village council likes to say Westdorpe is ‘warm in every sense’ – a vibrant, cosy and welcoming place.

The nature reserve of Canisvliet, some 42 hectares, is near to the village, and invites you to walk around. Afterwards, take a breather at the visitors’ centre ‘De Baeckermat’, and find out how closely related nature, environment and farming are, by playing around here.

The Zwartenhoeksezeesluis is just round the corner from Westdorpe: a water drainage lock made of brick, 18 metres in length, and frequently used as an inundation lock. The restored lock can be viewed in the hamlet of Zwartenhoek.

Westdorpe hosts the Dijkfeesten festival every year, incorporating an art market and plenty of music. September is when equestrians can take heart, with the Outdoor Eventing Westdorpe. Discover all the events in Westdorpe in our events calendar.