Mill in Zuidzande


Zuidzande is one of the small villages in the west of Zeeland-Flanders. A popular tourist spot, it is near to the seaside resort of Cadzand.
Its name means ‘southern sandy heights’, referring to the genesis of Zuidzande as a sandbank along the Zwinarm estuary. The sandbank would later be joined up with the island of Cadzand, the coastal village in Zeeland-Flanders.


A primeur in the passage of time, Zuidzande would become the very first village in Zeeland to lose its church as a place of worship. The very last church service was held here in 1996, before it went on to be used as a shop and, nowadays, a restaurant.


The mill in Zuidzande dates from 1874, a so-called mound, or mounted, mill which used to mill corn. It can be seen from afar, proudly standing on the Sluissedijk and defining the village skyline.

Atelier ‘De Test’ is located in a former barn in Zuidzande, where Zeeuws workhorses were once stabled, the beams showing off their 200 years of age. Belgian and Dutch artists and artisans exhibit their choicest ceramics here.

Conveniently located between Cadzand, Groede and Sluis, Zuidzande is a perfect base for a Zeeland holiday. Visit one of our Inspiration points or Zeeland Vakantie to explore your options.