National landscape 'de Zak van Zuid-Beveland'

One of the oldest polder landscapes of The Netherlands is watched over carefully in the “Zak van Zuid-Beveland”.The centuries long struggle against the water led up here to a close system of winding little dykes.They form the pattern of a beautiful diverse patchwork quilt.

The lovely character of the “Zak” is the result of a furious past.The history tells about reclamations and floods.In the 12th century the inhabitants were obliged already to raise dykes against the encroaching water.The medieval landscape type is as yet to be recognized in the form of bumpy pool grounds,narrow little dykes and sloping ridges of creeks.The little village of Nisse is situated in one of these old core areas.The old plots around the village are traditionally surrounded by hawthorn hedges,that provide a stunning floral splendour in spring.

Zwaakse Weel

The water of the “Zwaakse Weel” proves the former presence of the sea.The old creek is the remainder of a mighty much frequented sea-arm.Where once sailing vessels passed by,you can find now wide cane collars,knot trees and swampy meadows surrounded by little dykes.In spring the characteristic dykes of the “Zak” are decorated by a colorful collection of wild plants.That richness is also due to the Zeeland flock of sheep that ensures natural dyke management.There is a great chance that you meet the sheep during a trip on the winding dykes.

Steam train Goes-Borsele

From Goes you can make a ride with a real old steam train.In beautiful restored locomotives you follow the railway from Goes to Hoedekenskerke.