In the southernmost tip of Zuid-Beveland, is the village of Ellewoutsdiek – or Ellesdiek for friends. On the Westerschelde banks, it is a small but vibrant community, with plenty to do. Two stately homes welcome you to the village from afar. Set in a park-like scene, they were built for the squire of Ellewoutsdiek.

The little Ellesdiek church (‘Kerkje’) is a familiar fixture to villagers and outsiders, far and wide. When the local parish merged with the one in Driewegen, the church was something of an empty vessel. Enterprising villagers soon changed that: activities in the Kerkje van Ellesdiek now centre on the local dialect, and there are ecumenical church services for one and all. The little church has made a big name for itself.

There is a small marina in Ellewoutsdiek, just beyond the dikes and beside the Zuidgors nature reserve. Come low tide, the tidal harbour falls dry.

Behind the sea dike, Fort Ellewoutsdijk is an 1839 defence structure, built to safeguard the passage to Antwerp harbour along the Westerschelde. Now, the fort hosts exhibitions and concerts and is open to visitors. Free of charge, opening hours 10-17 daily.