The village we know as Klusdurp, Kloetinge, one of the oldest of Zuid-Beveland, lies to the east of Goes-the-shops. It was in the 11th century that shepherds settled here, on a suitable creek ridge. In and around Kloetinge you’ll find many a mound (‘vliedbergen’) with tall structures on top. Which points to the strategic significance of the place, in medieval terms and times.

At its centre, the Gothic church Geerteskerk. Its ample construction, started in 1250 – more analysis here – points to the prosperity of that time. You can take it all in any day in summertime, and on Wednesdays and Saturdays, a guide can add that extra knowledge. You’ll see it also hosts concerts and frequent exhibitions. Do dally here.

Another eye-catcher is De Oostmolen windmill, with its characteristic white-brick build. It still grinds away making flour – visits by appointment.

Outside the village, but not accessible to the public (sorry!), you’ll notice the hunting lodge of Jachthuis Kloetinge. Built in 1871 at the behest of local squire Johannes Clotterbooke Patijn, the lodge has various sheds, a park and a farm.

Several Dutch celebrities – the phenomenon, little known beyond our shores, is called ‘bekende Nederlanders’ – are associated with Kloetinge, including Buys Ballot, the meteorologist and founding director of KNMI (the Dutch Met Office), the recently retired TV-presenter Nelleke van der Krogt, and writer and poet Hans Warren.