The Zuid-Beveland village of Nisse originally formed a ring around a church. That ring is now a village square surrounded by beautifully restored homes. A classical circular village. Nisse is in the Zak van Zuid-Beveland nature reserve, nestled among the flowering dikes. It is truly one of the most beautiful villages in Zeeland.

Nisse was first inhabited in the early 12th century. In the Middle Ages, it was a fiefdom, managed by a lord of noble birth. He used the castle in Nisse as a summer residence until the end of the 15th century. Ter Nisse castle no longer stands, but its 18th-century gate remains on the Zuidweg road. The canals and water features from the castle gardens are also still part of the landscape. The fiefdom ended in 1795.


The castle grounds are the oldest part of the village, and its garden is nationally recognised. The associated property, Dorpsplein 25, is the former castle farmstead.


The rectangular village square is one notable characteristic of Nisse. It was completely restored in 1975. On the south side stands the 15th-century church, where you can see frescoes and ancient gravestones. The distinctive 14th-century church tower (a remnant of an earlier church) can be seen from afar. The square also includes an 18th-century water pump and a vaete (Zeeuwse dialect for a village pond, used as a watering hole for cattle).


The flowering dikes around Nisse are at their most beautiful in spring. Hop on your bike or stroll through de Zak. Look in our web shop to find the best routes.

Check out the historic sheep shearers’ festival, held every third Saturday in June. Watch the shearers and other traditional craftsmen practice their trades in the village. You can find these and other events in Nisse in our event calendar.

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