A kinda Zeeuws El Paso-like border town, Rilland is the first village you hit when you enter Zeeland from Brabant, at the head of Zuid-Beveland, and not far from the Westerschelde. The A58 highway and the Rilland-Bath rail station provide excellent access.

The first edition of Rilland was snuffed out in the Sint-Felix floods of 1530. At that time, it lay in the Rietland polder, whence its name. The current core of the village was started a couple of kilometres further along, but that was only in 1782 and only later did it take on the shape of a real village, with homes, a smithy, a school and a tavern.

On the village outskirts stands the appropriately named De Witte Molen corn mill, with its typically Zeeuws white-painted facade. Volunteers keep it running these days. You can visit on the special Nationale Molendag and Open Monumentendag days, and by appointment.

The wide-open grazing polders around Rilland are very inviting for serious walkers. Find some ready-made routes in our webshop, or make your own using the route hub network.