In the centre of Zuid-Beveland, right next to the Westerschelde, is the bustling village of ‘s-Gravenpolder, population 4,600. Apart from various sports clubs, the village boasts loads of amenities, including a butcher, baker, supermarket and good old chippies.

The heart of the village is occupied by the 14th-century Reformed St. Martin’s Church, a gothic building with an octagonal clock tower. The latter is a national monument. The herring-shaped weathervane harks back to the days when fishing was essential to ‘s-Gravenpolder – for the village had its own harbour in Medieval times.

Along the Langeweg), you will find the Elimkerk church, of ‘gereformeerd’ bent (another type of ‘reformed’, a typically Dutch distinction). Built in 1977, it seats 1,500 worshippers, making it one of the largest churches in the country. The steeple has a distinctive 35-metre spire, reaching out to touch the sky.

Corn mill ‘De Korenhalm’ flanks the village. It dates from 1876 and is an essential part of the village skyline. The mill still grinds corn, you can make an appointment to visit.

Due south from here is the ‘Zwaakse Weel’ nature reserve, which once led to the sea. There are plenty of routes here, to explore to your heart’s content, by bike, on foot or horseback. Visit our web store for these routes, or download the Zeeland App. Having a guide take you through the area is even better.