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Kwade Hoek: 2,8 km


Short route
The Kwade Hoek grew naturally beginning at the end of the 19th century by spontaneous growth of the coast. It is therefore a young area. Young, but with variety. There are four dune rows parallel to the coast (the youngest nearest to the sea) with in between small and bigger valleys. In the south east there lays a area where sea clay was naturally deposited layer after layer and flora has grown on it, ‘het Groene Strand’(the green beach).

Luckily this nature area, the only one in South West Netherlands, stayed outer diked after the Delta works were built. Sea and wind still have their influence and change the landscape continuously . Specially in the winter the seawater comes into the area, flooding larger pieces of land. This sea influence is the strongest on the North east side: De Kwade Hoek grows there because sand is left and new dunes form. More than 300 kind of plants grow on De Kwade Hoek.

De Kwade Hoek is a strange name for such a nice nature area. It was a dangerous area for ships: in the past many ships ran aground here on the treacherous sand banks.

This route is sign posted Yellow.

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