Culinary Zeeland

Oosterschelde lobster

Culinary Zeeland

Straightforward, decent and ‘very sea’, that’s how we cook – and how you’ll eat. Count on your fingers: mussels can be had almost year-round. The Oosterschelde lobster is at its best from early April to mid-July. Many dishes excel with a sound Zeeland wine. Or one of our beers, on the robust side. Afterwards, try our version of a butterscotch, the famous boterbabbelaar, bie d’n koffie, and do have a wee scoop of Zeeuws bolus dough ice-cream.

We could hold talent shows in our kitchens. Head of the national kitchen table, we have more top-star restaurants per person than any other province.

Whatever pleases your palate in Zeeland, you’ll sense that bond with the sea. Whether n you’re nibbling on kibbeling, frittered fish chunks, on the Wasschappelse dike, or sea-watching from the terrace of a beach pavilion.

Our shellfish – mussels, Oosterschelde lobsters, oysters – are world famous and locally revered. Cockles and winkles literally lie there for the picking up below a dike (quotas do apply, ask). Need more work experience? Round off your tour of the Yerseke oyster ponds by slurping down a local Japanese or a flat oyster.

Our sea vegetables – glasswort and sea aster – get their special salty taste from our waters and come fresh to your plate. Essential to any fish dish. How about the sublime simplicity of blanched glasswort with finely chopped onion?

Has your sweet tooth met our very own button candy, the ‘Zeeuwse knop’? In recent years, it has grown to iconic proportions. So take your pick: as a sweet, in chocolate or as a baking version. So you can bake your own Zeeuwse knop cake, you understand, with the flour you got from the local miller

Now, about our wines. Cru-on-Sea, grown in our approving climate. The wines of De Kleine Schorre vineyard on Schouwen-Duiveland are superb partners to salty dishes. Over on Zuid-Beveland a fruitier wine alludes to black berries. You can taste and stock up directly at most vineyards, or drop in at a farm shop.

Sturdy and proud. That’s us, that’s our beer. Quite a few of us brew our own, alongside our several breweries, micro or not. Brouwerij Vemeersen in Hulst has been brewing since 1821 with such ingredients as Zeeland barley. And our beer festivals in Zeeland are renowned, such as the Middelburg Abdij Bier Festival or the Bockbierfestival in Wissenkerke. Not to forget that, of course, you eat your mussels with a real mussel beer.

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