Sunset Domburg

Land on sea

Sunset Domburg

Land on sea

How will you first see Zeeland? Your head high in the wind? On your bike? Walking? Flying your kite? You choose. You’ll always be near the water, and closest to the sun, longer than anywhere else. The pleasant sea breeze makes for sultry summers and soft winters. And the watery bends, nooks and crannies seriously lengthen our coast, enabling more special experiences.

Just how long is a piece of coast? In Zeeland, some 650 km. And how clean? Many of our beaches proudly fly the Blue Flag to say they are safe and clean. How high? The dunes on Walcheren are among the highest in the Netherlands, sweeping down to a massive carpet of polders and windy roads. Here, the smartest discoverers come by bike to enjoy the cusp of land and sea – gazing out over the sea, the dike behind you, is simply stunning.

You’ll find shelter on the lee side in the wilds of the hinterland. The flowered dikes of Zak van Zuid Beveland are best in spring and early summer. Plan your route to hidden villages like Nisse which unveil secrets of bygone eras, like the ‘vaete’ watering hole. Let a guide open up the Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe for you, the largest wetlands in Europe.

Are you a townie too? The capital of Zeeland, Middelburg, has more monuments per square metre than Amsterdam. In ‘ganzenstad’ Goes – the City of Geese, , some shops still promote their own brands, alongside today’s giants. And over in Zeeland-Flanders, shopping in Slûûs (Sluis) is quite exuberant in flavour.

While the eight Michelin-starred restaurants represent our culinary top, you’ll also get a fine bowl of steaming mussels at the old building platform Neeltje Jans. There in the Deltapark Neeltje Jans, you can learn everything about the Delta Works, including a visit to the movable Oosterschelde flood barrier. Reckon it’s the Eighth Wonder of the World? You’re not alone!

Over on Schouwen-Duiveland, the Brouwersdam has grown its fame in recent times by hosting music festival Concert at Sea. Launched by the Zeeland band Bløf, it now attracts tens of thousands of concert-goers. Want a special seat? Do like many other sailors: cruise up in your yacht, drop anchor in the Grevelingen, and the music will wash over you.

Some fun and games are just dead simple. In Walcheren, its a laugh a minute at the Tilt the Ring contests in the spring and summer: all you need is a horse, a lance, and a large ring hanging from a rope. In Zeeland-Flanders, the traditional game of curled bowls (‘krulbollen’) had made it high on the National Heritage list. The exploits of naval heroes such as Michiel de Ruyter and Frans Naerebout are explained in the MuZeeum in Vlissingen, while outside on the main boulevard their statues looking out over the Westerschelde estuary.

Too much to do, too much to see. Oh, won’t you stay just a little bit longer? (‘Ier mot je hewoon een stuitje bluuven’). Fall asleep to the sounds of the murmuring sea with coastal dunes as background. Or stay at a farm. If you need special assistance (PRM), think of a stay at the Résidence Oud-Bommenede, or another wheelchair-friendly care homes where a team of specialised staff is often based.

More questions than when you started? Contact our knowledgeable staff at one of VVV Inspiration Points. Their goal: let you have an unforgettably good time, in Zeeland.

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