Art & Culture in Zeeland

Many artists have been inspired by the quality of light, the space and the tranquillity found in Zeeland, and many works of art have been created here, celebrating the beauty of the surroundings. Why not come and find out for yourself? You may well be inspired by the impressive historic architecture, by the region’s magnificent galleries and theatres, or whilst visiting a museum or on a guided tour: art and culture in abundance.



Zeeland is proud of its heritage and has the most museums per capita. Many of the museums focus on traditional life in Zeeland, including farming, fishing and shipping. The Zeeuws Museum (Museum of Zeeland) in the historic abbey of Middelburg has a unique collection of magnificent and colourful tapestries. In Vlissingen, the beautifully restored Lampsinshuis building is home to the region’s maritime museum, muZEEum (mu-SEA-um), which ranks highly on the list of best museums in the Netherlands. The Watersnood Museum, the North Sea floods museum near Ouwerkerk, tells the storyof the devastating floods of 1953 and is housed in four of the caissons that were used as fill the holes in the dikes during the floods. In Groede, you’ll find an entire street of museum shops and historic workshops dedicated to Flemish history and heritage.

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Michiel de Ruyter


Without a doubt the most well-known statue in Zeeland is that of Michiel de Ruyter on the boulevard in Vlissingen, but there are also many more statues, memorials and monuments worth looking for. You’ll find a memorial to the great flood of 1953, the national Watersnoodmonument, near the North Sea Flood museum, Watersnoodmuseum, in Ouwerkerk. In Tholen (where US President Roosevelt’s family originally hailed from), there is a monument celebrating Roosevelt’s famous Four Freedoms speech and in the centre of Middelburg on ‘Balans’ (Balance) square where Middelburg's Chamber of Commerce used to be housed, there is the Slavery Memorial to remind us of a darker chapter in Zeeland’s history.

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Culturele fiets- en wandeltochten

Cultural cycling tours

One historic building just isn’t enough if you’re interested in art or architecture. So why not choose one of our specially-designed cultural cycling tours! There are a wide variety of cycle routes to choose from; tours that will take past towers, windmills and other historic buildings on the western coast of Schouwen-Duiveland for example; to eight special picnic spots on the island of Walcheren or to see the artistic highlights in the villages of Koewacht and Domburg. You’ll find all the information you need for the cultural cycling tours at the VVV Tourist Offices and in our online webshop.



Get your creative juices flowing or find yourself a unique piece of art to take home with you. You´ll certainly be spoilt for choice in Zeeland´s galleries with their exceptional variety of modern, experimental and traditional art. You’ll find galleries full of paintings, ceramics, etchings, sculptures, jewellery, furniture and all kinds of other objects-d’art. There are galleries in most of Zeeland’s towns and villages, and you might even run into an original Mondrian or a lovely souvenir maritime painting. You won’t be disappointed.

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