Beautiful beaches Zeeland
Beautiful beaches Zeeland

The finest beaches in Zeeland

Well, what’s it to be? A sunset stroll on the golden-yellow sands of Cadzand? Waking up to a view to the beach of Vlissingen? An afternoon of dawdling between the beach pavilions at Ouddorp aan Zee? Discover for yourself why the vast beaches of Zeeland are among the choicest and cleanest of the entire Netherlands.

With a coastline of 650 kilometres, it is hard to choose the most outstanding beaches, so very varied they are. Here are some suggestions for the nicest, best, most gezellig and most exceptional beaches of Zeeland. Our coastline and inland waters all sparkle in their diversity.

Berkenbosch, Oostkapelle - (Walcheren)

De stranden van Oostkapelle zijn niet alleen mooi maar behoren ook tot de schoonste stranden. En er zijn delen waar je het hele jaar door ook je hond (aangelijnd) mee mag nemen. Het strand bij Berkenbosch geldt als het meest hondvriendelijke strand van Walcheren. In het gelijknamige strandpaviljoen verkoopt hondenbier, hondensnacks en hondenspeelgoed. Baas en honden kunnen zo samen proosten met een biertje op het strand.

't Zwin, Cadzand-Bad - (Zeeuws-Vlaanderen)

The southernmost beach resort of the Netherlands, Cadzand straddles 11 kilometres of sandy beach. Amid the pretty Zeeland nature with marshes, mudflats and ancient polders. Cadzand is also reputed for the shark teeth found there, millions of years old. They just lie there waiting to be picked up, a special souvenir. A sieve, a bucket and a spade, that’s all you need for hours of fun on the beach. At low tide, you can walk from the beach straight into the Zwin nature reserve. Keep walking and you’ll end up in the chic Belgian beach resort Knokke. 


't Zwin

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Banjaardstrand, Kamperland - (Noord-Beveland)

The Banjaard beach is great for families. Its three kilometres have long been listed as one of the cleanest and best beaches of the Netherlands. The view is typical Zeeland: behind you dunes, ahead the sea, and over to the right the gleaming flood barrier standing tall in the sun.

Breezand, Vrouwenpolder - (Walcheren)

Vrouwenpolder adjoins the Oranjezon nature park, the Veerse Meer lake and Breezand. This broadest beach of Zeeland is exactly how Zeeland should be. Want some peace and quiet? Take a beach walk between Vrouwenpolder and Oostkapelle. It seems endless and even on the warmest summer day, it stays pretty quiet. You want to see some action? Walk in the opposite direction. You’ll probably see some kitesurfers strutting their aerial stuff.

Domeinen 2, Westenschouwen - (Schouwen-Duiveland)

The beach here is more like an add-on to this wonderful piece of Zeeland. The green of nature is predominant, with long walks in the woods, with occasional openings along the unspoilt coast. The Domeinen area comprises four beaches at the headland of Westenschouwen. The Domeinen 2 beach has space for families and sport enthusiasts. These broad beaches offer a view across to the Oosterschelde barrier. The sea is part of the Voordelta protected nature reserve rich in birdlife, fish and seals.


Domeinen 2

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De Hoge Hilt, Zoutelande - (Walcheren)

The beach at the Hoge Hilt access point is one of several on Zoutelande. It is also known as the Riviera of Zeeland, as it is sowell sheltered. It draws a lot of water sport lovers. If it’s an active time you want, you should come here too. An added bonus: lots of sun. Zeeland and Zoutelande still score high in the sun-hours league table.

Westerduinpad, Ouddorp - (Goeree-Overflakkee)

This broad, gezellig beach is works well for families, with play facilities for the kids and beach pavilions for something to eat and drink. Plenty of quiet spots. And a view. What a view.This broad, gezellig beach is works well for families, with play facilities for the kids and beach pavilions for something to eat and drink. Plenty of quiet spots. And a view. What a view.

Nollestrand, Vlissingen - (Walcheren)

Just below the boulevard, Nollestrand beach is popular among families, both visitors from afar and native Vlissingers. Its proximity to the dredged waterway in the Westerschelde estuary brings the large ocean-going ships up close. Their wash waves have soaked a good many beach towels. No hurry today is there? Plenty of time to promenade your way along the cliff up there, and to feed the heart and soul. A day like this is what towns and beaches do well, together.

Badstrand, Domburg - (Walcheren)

When you first enter Domburg, you just know it is the oldest beach resort in Zeeland. Mondaine, uniquely mondaine. The beach stretches west to Westkapelle, displaying its characteristic groynes as they withstand the erosive intent of the currents.

The beach huts line up like a palette of colour. Looks good, feels good. When the beach has repleted you, downtown Domburg will, in its inimitable gezellig way, give the inner you  some sustenance. With a glory of dunes all around, this is the perfect destination, summer, winter, autumn and spring.

Vuurtorenpad, Nieuw-Haamstede - (Schouwen-Duiveland)

The Vuurtorenpad (‘lighthouse path’) family beach lies below the Westerlicht at Nieuw-Haamstede. You’ll remember the lighthouse this evening and tomorrow, but perhaps you’ve seen it before, on the old 250 guilder banknote.



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Dishoek (Walcheren)

Picture this: fine beach tents and a lovely long stretch of beach, with a lot of room for yourself. Promising. Above the beach at Dishoek some serious dunes, sometimes 50 metres high. It’s a climb, but worth every kilojoule, and every kilometre of the view of passing ships, the beach huts below, the allure of the village square and its terraces. Great spot.

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