Horse riding on the beach in Renesse

You, your horse and the beach

Panoramaweg Domburg - Oostkapelle

It is probably the loudest scream of joy you can give as a horse rider: galloping over the broad beaches of Zeeland. This is f-r-e-e-d-o-m for you and your horse. The wind, the briny smell of the sea the splashing gallop through the breakers, endless, and you are feeling good.

Horse riding at sunset

A beach gallop is always fantastic. First rinse the hooves, and then splash away. Your beach trip depends on the time of day, and the season. During the day in peak season, horses are not allowed. The information panels at every beach access point spell out clearly when you’re welcome with your horse on the beach.

Horse and carriage

You can get in some great rides and drives in the dunes too, and further in land. Everlasting paths of discovery, through wonderful nature, whatever the season. The nature reserve on the ‘De Kop van Schouwen’ has more than 1,100 hectares of woods and dunes, for you to commune with. You are free to go where you want, even with a driving carriage. On Walcheren the horse ride network includes 19 km of beaches! Gallop away. Over the water, the horse network in West-Zeeland-Flanders also features some great beach rides.

In the sea

There are several stables based in Zeeland. Some will let you take a horse out onto the beach, under supervision. – or head out into the dunes. You can hire a pony ride for the children – another great experience which they won’t forget.



Your own horse is more than welcome, of course. One option is that you stay in your own accommodation and the horse has its own lodgings in one of the stables offering holiday facilities. Imagine: visiting the beach with your best (equine) friend. That will increase the bonding. Look around and you’ll also find holiday homes with a stable, even better than back at home. And while you’re out and about, there’s a welcome for you both at various beach pavilions and restaurants.

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