Bike and walking route planning in Zeeland

Bike and walking route planning in Zeeland

Bike and walking route planning in Zeeland

Three new tools – the hubs, your mobile and apps – will help you build your best tour by bike and foot. Our multi-hub network lets you join up the dots with the ways you want to go.


The mobile route planner by VVV Zeeland is quite handy too. At home, or while you’re on the road, download it to your mobile, and you can consult it throughout your trip.

The Zeeland App offers you routes compiled by us. It describes not just the route, but all the sights that you pass. So step aside from the route and visit a bunker. Or visit a farm and stock up with a couple of items of local produce. It adds depth and content to your trek, and helps you plan ahead. All this data is also featured in the mobile planners. We’ve got you covered.

If you need a drink break, or you have an urgent call of nature, there are plenty of fietscafés’. This is a special type of café with extra facilities for cyclists’ need. They’re marked by a special sign outside, and a symbol on the route maps.

Bicycle rentals

The maps also show where you can rent a bike. Useful for those moments when you regret leaving your own bike back home.

Veers Verleden

One special feature of the Zeeland App and the mobile route planner are a set of inter-active walking trails through Veers Verleden, the past of the Veere area. You can visit dozens of places under the guidance of three virtual characters from days gone by: an artist, a researcher and an adventurer. As you walk along your route, your virtual guide in the video will add-in history and bring it to life. Spell-binding.

Cycling Zeeland

The national bike platform judged us in July 2019 to be a 5-star bike province. There’s no higher award. The Zeeland Routebureau is always enhancing the system. Just so you can get the best cycling in the Land-On-Sea.

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