The FIKS bike network of Zeeland

Cycling Sluis

Our province-wide bike network, FIKS, will get you to the right place, along the right routes, at the right time. You can either follow the paths on the outer dikes or take the lee side, where the dikes provide shelter. You go through the towns and villages of Zeeland. and you decide how long you’ll be on your bike. It’s up to you.

Just so you know, the name FIKS comes from ‘fietsknooppuntensysteem’, meaning bike hub system. Also known as ‘Fietsnetwerk Zeeland’, literally the bike network of Zeeland. Plan your route here via the route planner

FIKS number

Got your number?

Every FIKS hub is numbered. You plan your trip by joining up hubs, and jotting down their numbers, best on a special label from a VVV Inspiration Point. You go from hub to hub, following the clearly numbered signs. You can buy a ready-made bike route from an VVV Inspiration Point, or find one on the Zeeland app. That way, you can track your progress online.

Route signposts

Sign here

All FIKS bikeways and paths have distinct signage: white signs with green lettering. At every fork and exit, signs show an arrow and the number of the hub to which you are heading. Signage is bi-directional, so it works whichever way your chosen route goes.



FIKS Zeeland is shown on three maps::

  • Zeeland Noord: cycling on Schouwen-Duiveland, Goeree-Overflakkee and Sint Philipsland
  • Zeeland Midden: cycling on Walcheren, North- and South Bevelanden and Tholen
  • Zeeland Zuid: cycling in Zeeland-Flanders

You can get these maps from a VVV Inspiration Point or from the web shop.

Cycling seawall Westkapelle


Oh yes, we do wind, but we have ways of dealing with it. At some places while you’re out cycling in Zeeland, you have a choice of going ‘in the wind’, or ‘out of the wind’, in the lee of the wind. The FIKS signs show this with a weathervane symbol. If you opt for ‘in the wind’, you’ll follow a path outside the dike, and ‘out of the wind’ goes on a path in the lee of the dike. By the way, we’ve got some thematic routes too, on sale at a VVV Inspiration Point or in the web shop.

Damaged sign

At VVV Zeeland Routebureau, we work hard to keep FIKS up-to-date and accessible. Seen a mistake? Got a suggestion? Please give us your feedback on the clarity, state-of-repair or absence of signs at the Routebureau Zeeland Hotline. You can write in English on the Dutch online form!

Cycling Zeeland

The national bike platform judged us in June 2019 to be a 5-star bike province. There’s no higher award. The Zeeland Routebureau is always enhancing the system. Just so you can get the best cycling in the Land-On-Sea.

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