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Let’s start with you. May we? Discovery in Zeeland is not just about our multi-sided province. It’s about you and your sides. Replenish the parts you know. And meet the unknown. Challenging, stimulating, provocative even. Dare yourself, it’ll be ok if you feel good.

Workshops can help you in these discoveries, shifts, windows. The question is – but don’t let it get stuck there – about choosing. Take the first step, and you’re moving. Like a real Zeeuw, person of Zeeland. Firm and focussed.

Find oysters

Here’s a starter – watch it unfold. Go to the Oosterschelde, and find seaweed. Learn how to prepare and cook it. Enjoy tasting it, finding its complements. Try the oyster and sushi workshop. It’s nice and briny, and you’ll learn how to open an oyster. Opening them up is easy when you know how. You’ll learn how to recognise our different oysters, by their appearance, and flavour. Onwards, to the sushi chef in you. Staple ingredients are pink ginger, pickled cucumber, wasabi and seaweed.

Painting in the dunes.

Now, the visually creative you. Think: hand-painting a tea set? Get some ideas from the sea maybe, make your own design and you’ve made a great souvenir. Onwards, bring out the potter in you, wonderful people are potters. So much you can produce. A practical item like a jug or a dish? Or look at the big sky, or the big sea of Zeeland, and let your creativity surge like a waxing tide. Onwards, to the artist in you, with crayon and brush, your paint acrylic or oil. Some such workshops are in Breskens. Inspiration-on-Sea.

Painting clogs

Back to those souvenirs. How about a clog-painting workshop? Very Dutch. Tradition has it that they are painted yellow, and sometimes with simple decorations – each place has its own design. What’s yours

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