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Going out

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Going out in Zeeland

Fancy a quick one, at the bar? Or shall we make an evening of it? Zeeland has many sides: conviviality in the cafés and bars, the chic of stylish restaurants, the beat of the disco. And there are cinemas and film houses all over, plus theatres, podia and bandstands. From early spring to late autumn, we indulge in our passion for festivals, especially near the sea and beaches. With films, theatre and, above all, wall-to-wall music.


Our word ‘pintje’ is generic for a ‘beer’. In grand-cafés, eateries, ‘brown’ cafés, party bars and more. You can do a long pub ‘crawl’, or chill down at the local, or laze the hours away with smooth club music. Maybe have one for the road before hitting the sack?


Party the night away, dancing to the best of today’s music, hand-picked by the DJ. A good many clubs are open all year round, and in places like Renesse some more join in the fun for the summertime, when the living is easy. That magic brew, of light and sound and movement, what a great way to spend the evening, or night.


Zeeland – Land of Foodies. You will never taste fish, oysters and lobsters fresher than here. Enjoy that sumptuously long evening, with fine food, great company and some good wine. Make it unique and reserve your table at a Michelin-starred restaurant. In the sensuality of culinary peaks, the ultimate in gastronomy, you’ll never forget it. Tell the chef it was ‘zalig’ (heavenly) and ‘goddelijk’ (divine), and they’ll never forget you either.


The range of movies and art films screened in Zeeland is almost as long and varied as our coast. What’s your taste? A romantic comedy, or a thriller that has you on the edge of your seat? Documentaries? Arthouse films? We got it all – for the kids too. A slapping cartoon, with a bag of popcorn at hand, just the job! Bear in mind for a rainy day.


All the world’s a stage, and most Zeeland villages have one: a dais or a small stage. The towns have concert halls and band stands for traditional and modern groups. Such platforms host inspiring evenings of cabaret, stand-up comedy, folk music, stage acts, pop, opera, hip-hop, ballet and dance. Or a poet, orator or a conjuror. Always another side to performers in Zeeland.


The (Indian) summer has a special feel in Zeeland, the rostrum for fests and festivals. Any self-respecting village has its own pop festival. Jazz festivals bounce and boogie, artistic routes reveal new aspects of the countryside. There are enough fairs, fish fests, harbour parties and sport contests to fill the entire season. With rafts of international artists. Where will you sit today? In the stalls of a concert hall? On the beach, mopping up the music? Enjoying street theatre? Or absorbing films and plays in barns, open-air theatres or old factories. Ah, the boys and girls of summer.

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