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Group outings

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Group outings in Zeeland

With so many kilometres of beaches and water all around, the great outdoors is just asking to be explored and enjoyed. There is something special about doing that in a group. A trip out in a canal sloop, crewed by yourselves, or on an excursion boat. Is dry land more your thing. There’s a rich palette of options for trips in upcountry Zeeland. Walking, day-tripping, visiting towns, or being active like joining a cycling club out on the windy dikes. When it’s time to fill up on the old energy, there’s always a nice local restaurant at hand. With regional specialities, freshly sourced from nearby fields or freshly caught in the water. Maybe you’ll get new ideas for recipes, maybe the group will start making plans for tomorrow, or next year. That’s what groups do.

Our dedicated Groups team in the VVV Zeeland (‘Groepsarrangementen Zeeland’) will help you construct the perfect blend of activities. It will be hand-crafted for you. From booking an overnight stay for your group, to compiling a complete package of guided tours, sporting (beach) activities, cycle trips and boat outings.

Here’s how we share the work: you enjoy your time together, in the group and on your visits, and we make the plans, sort out payments and – like our name says – make all the arrangements. Whether it’s for just one day, several days or a week, our team will make sure the entire group has a unique experience. Unforgettable.

Our expert guides are available throughout the year, and are able to customise outings to your interests. They know that every outing has its own character, varying too by the season. They’ll accompany you on bike trips, rambles, town walks, boat trips and coach tours – or any combination. Our guides will hand pick the trips most suited to you. Master weavers they are. We’re proud of them.

Your possibilities are endless indeed. How’s about a busy weekend of water sports, including kite flying classes and runs on beach yachts? Or something calmer, more inspiring and renewing, with creative group workshops and combined bike- and walk sorties? Or step into the culinary world of Zeeland with tastings, maybe lessons? Our team at Groepsarrangementen Zeeland knows the way. Whatever you decide, it’ll be gezellig.

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