Five tips for guided group tours

Briny food with a tropical tang

Here’s a tasty way to learn about the shellfish which are Zeeland’s pride. The explanations are partly held at your lunch table, overlooking the oyster ponds and the fabulous Oosterschelde estuary. Digest it all in a tropical (indoor) mini-jungle, with a treasure of exotic plants and animals.

Culinary crawls

You’ll be led through a splendid old town, feasting your eyes on its streets, quays, buildings and monuments. Your guide becomes your Maître D, as you call at different restaurants for your entrée, main course and dessert, with some decent bites of culture. All in very good taste.


The roots of the Roosevelts

Get on the scent of some old foxes on this delightful cultural outing at the Oud Vossemeer lake (‘vos’ = fox). The Roosevelt family – one of its wiliest was Theodore, a US President with a love of nature – has its roots here. You’ll hunt them down on a guided walk. But only after tea and coffee and a local delicacy.

Tastes of Noord-Beveland

The island has some splendid nature areas, inlets, lovely clean beaches, authentic villages, inviting cycle paths, peace and quiet and space, and water sports galore. Others might call it an extensive buffet. We call it Noord-Beveland: you’ll see it all. Two special tips: a visit to the wondrous Delta Works, then a tasting of local beers. Raise a toast to those sea defences.


Water, water and water

The equation of Zeeland is one-third water, two-thirds us. A long-lasting relationship. You’ll visit its latest episode at the Delta Works defences erected to prevent another flood disaster as in 1953. You’ll cruise out on the impressive waters of the Oosterschelde estuary - a National Park - and hear all about its rich history.

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