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Outdoors and active

You’re welcome to come and enjoy the finest we have in Zeeland. Please do so sensibly, avoid any bustle and keep your distance: at least 1.5 metres. Make sure you'll reserve your accommodation, restaurant, beach cabin or museum visit in advance.

You should get out more. On the land, on the sea of Zeeland. Walk it, bike it, horse-ride it. Breathe in that salty air in so many places – and so many ways. Or stroll around our villages and towns, ambling down their streets and lanes. From the dunes of Goeree to the Zwin nature reserve in Zeeland-Flanders, you’ll find our province is over-flowing with fun and adventure. Go out, breathe in.

Bike it or hike it

Welcome to Zeeland’s extensive network of cycleways and footpaths. You decide if you want to bike in the wind, into it or away from it. Or if you’ll step out on the beaches, through the dunes or in the woods. Define your own route, distance, schedule, join up the hubs and away you go. Want it longer, shorter? Sure, you’re in charge.

Water, wherever

Since you’re never more than a few minutes away from water in Zeeland, water sports are always an option when you want to be outdoors, be it summer or winter. Swim to your heart’s content at the seaside, or at an inland spot. Jump on a boat, go sailing, canoeing, paddle-boarding.

Extreme sports, dude?

Want to ratch it up a bit? Some kitesurfing, windsurfing, kitebuggying? You got it. Edgier? Let’s see you stay standing on waterskis, or on a wakeboard. How’s about you go climb up a massive tower at the Oosterscheldekering storm surge barrier out at the North Sea. Abseil away, yay!

A stroll in the park, nay?

Just as fulfilling is a trek in a nature park. On foot with a guide in the wetland wilderness of the drowned land of Verdronken Land of Saeftinghe, or the woods around the castle of Haamstede? Let our network of bike- and footpaths open some gates for you, or just follow a route we’ve marked for you.

Dive, or check it out, dryly

Maybe you want to duck out of the wind? Dive! Zeeland’s got endless diving spots, each with its own tale to tell. Down there looks at least as awesome as above the water, but watch out for our rips and currents. Or stay dry up here, and peer down. A boat cruise will take you on a seal safari, bark, bark.

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